Turn Your Passion Into Passive Income Stream

If you want to get rich and financially free in your life than all you have to do is – Turn your Passion into Passive Income stream. This is because the PERSISTENCE is the key factor in developing a Passive Income stream in your life. Now, if your are not passionate about anything, you can not be persistent and you can not build an income stream that flows into your accounts passively without your any effort.

How to Find your Passion?

Just ask your self a simple question – “What will I do for the rest of my life even if I don’t get paid for that?”

The answer is your Passion. It can be anything such as Writing, dating, acting, music, travelling, pet sitting or anything else. Now, here the key is to convert your Passion into some tangible Asset and make a Passive income from that Asset. Don’t understand? Well, let me explain you by giving examples.

- Suppose your Passion is writing. Now how can you convert this into some tangible Asset? Well, by writing articles and creating a portfolio of great articles and publishing it online on blogs or revenue sharing websites such as eHow, Squidoo and HubPages or you can write a book and publish that book offline in the physical form.

Once your work will be popularized, you will start getting steady Royalty Income which is totally passive in nature.

- Now, just think that, you love to sing. So what you can do is, create your own Music Album and after that publish it. And make a good royalty income from your music.

Take the Example of Michael Jackson. When he died, he was making more than $ 400 million every year as a Royalty Income from his songs.

- if Pet Sitting is your Passion than you can develop a Business around your this passion and start a Business of Pet Sitting in your local area. Once your Business will grow sufficiently, it will start making profit and after that you can hire a staff for your business and your business will run even without your presence.

- If you love to do acting than you can go in the film industry and make a movie. Producing a movie is the one time hard work only. Once your movie is released, you can make steady royalty income for the rest of your life.

Thus, the key of getting rich and financially free here is that, find out your passion and turn that passion into the passive income stream.

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Audio Streaming – 7 Great Reasons Why Audio Streaming Can Boost Your Income from Your Website

To earn profit from your website, you must have relevant and interesting content. This advice is often given out to people seeking ways to increase their income from their online ventures. After all, it is an advice that works. It’s tried and tested through the years ever since the Internet gained popularity.

But when you hear content, what do you usually think of? For most people, content is limited to text and to some extent, pictures. However, thanks to developing technology content is not just limited to those kinds of media. Nowadays, content can be flash movies, video clips, and audio streaming.

If you want to know just how you can earn from putting audio streaming g in your website, here are the facts:

1.) Not all websites have audio streaming, so incorporating it in your website makes your site unique and memorable.

2.) People respond to sound, especially to music. If you have a jingle associated with your business, softly playing that jingle in the background while a visitor browses through the site can build a strong brand recall.

3.) Audio streaming can provide a personal touch to a website. People are often used to reading text when visiting sites, so it’s no surprise if they feel rather detached even though the text may be engaging. However, if people hear a human voice when visiting a website, they tend to respond more positively because the personal touch has been established.

4.) You can set the mood of your site’s visitors by playing a lively song to get them in good spirits. Hopefully, they’ll even get in the mood for some shopping from your website.

5.) Audio streaming doesn’t take as much bandwidth as video and movie clips, so visitors with slower internet can enjoy a multimedia experience upon visiting your website without having to go through long wait. They wouldn’t have to leave your website in frustration.

6.) Some things are better heard than read. If you can provide text and audio streaming versions of a speech or a production to your visitors, they can enjoy the best of both worlds.

7.) Some things just can’t be expressed in other forms other than audio. For example, if you’re promoting a small rock band or putting demos of the songs you composed, you really have to set up an audio stream for your visitors.

Streaming Recorder Review – The Insiders Guide to Guarantee 100% Success to Record Streaming Video

If you are interested in getting hold of a streaming recorder, I hope this short article will offer you with helpful information on the advantages, just how this works and what is the easiest way to accomplish this.

I happen to record streaming video pretty regularly these days and it has got to the stage that my laptop has transformed into some kind of ‘centralized data center‘. My laptop computer has virtually become the one single place where I have everything. I have my work, personal documents, photos, my personal music and now, almost all my favorite movies and shows all in one place. This came quite by accident and occurred when I started going a bit loony having all types of multi media in different places. I had my music on CD’s, my iPod and lord knows how many memory sticks; then there were movies on DVD’s and on my home hard-drive / DVD player. Basically, I had all this media ‘stuff’ spread all over the place and it was turning out to be genuinely awkward to locate what I wanted quickly.

Now it is all very well having video and music made available online but what happens when you are out of town? Of course, you could use your mobile data link, pop down to your nearby local cafe or even connect to the Net with the hotel’s WiFi service. But I have discovered that this is often cumbersome or even turns out to be quite costly in the end (have a shot at watching a movie on your mobile data connection and you are going to fall down when you get the bill!).

So my answer was to basically download or record the video from my preferred sites and after that watch it when and where ever I want (when I had the time, when I felt like it, etc.).

In this short article, I’m going to focus on recording streaming video. The majority of streaming video or audio is delivered to your computer using something called RTMP (“Real Time Messaging Protocol”) which is really a specific method of communication to take care of streaming content over the internet (RTMP was developed by Adobe Systems – a leading player in the multimedia software business).

There are two principle strategies to record streaming video.

The first one is by using software to download or record the online video into a file found on your hard-drive. It does this ‘in the background’ whilst you actually view the video itself. The major advantage of this method is that the quality of video (and audio) is normally excellent. However, there are some broadcasters (for instance, the UK’s Channel 4 on-demand service) that have rather clever detection mechanisms which prevent people from achieving this.

So if this fails, you need to proceed to the second technique which is known as ‘screen capture‘. Once again, using special software, you basically record a region of your screen (or even the full screen itself) and when the TV program ends, you hit the STOP button and the video is saved to a file on your hard disk. Whilst the quality isn’t as great as the first approach, at least it works 100% of the time but rather irritatingly, you can’t use your computer whilst it’s recording. So yes, it is a pain but at least you get to record the video.

With these two techniques, you’re guaranteed to get the video onto your computer without any difficulty whatsoever.